Shox MX-1 ACU Motocross Helmet

The Shox MX 1 Moto-X Helmets are packed with features... Specifications include ECER 22-05 - Fully road legal in all European countries. ACU Gold Approved - Allowing you to take your helmet to the track. Resin composite alloy construction - Maintaining your safety. Aerodynamic design reduces turbulence - Making your ride more comfortable. Quick release micro-metric chin strap - Easy to adjust and ultra secure. Goggle anti-slide plates - Keeping your goggles secure. Inner ventilation - To keep you at a comfortable temperature in any weather condition. Fully removable lining - Helping you keep your helmet fresh for longer. Aluminium peak screws included - Keeping your peak secured at the angle that suits you. Height adjustable peak - Adjust the peak to match your preferences. Removable peak.

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